we know how to
connect the dots.

A fresh thinking and disruptive sourcing firm that uses technology to solve complex customer experience needs. We harness machine learning and technology to match our client requirements to our expert partner network and a rapidly growing international marketplace.

We cover all customer journeys.

Social Media
Digital Servicing
Revenue Generation
Customer Care
Tech Support
Field Services


  • design and enable digital requirements gathering.
  • deliver an automated matching process.
  • offer assisted consulting service for complex projects.
  • sustain operational assurance of the supply chain.
  • shortlisting of suitable vendors to requirements.


  • detailed project design and requirements documentation.
  • assistance in commercial alignment with the supplier(s).
  • programme management of all third -party project teams.
  • sourcing of any additional technology to support the project deliverables.


  • our account management team support managing both the project and the supplier eco-system.
  • manage governance and oversee business reviews and operational performance meetings.
  • provide access to ancillary services that may be required to support project enhancements.

Why choose us


significantly lower cost to deliver

Reducing costs by using our eco-system and AI to access a digital marketplace, cutting the cost of sourcing.


flexibility, with
on-demand resources

Access to a supplier eco-system and expert Gig-CX resources with no minimum project commitment.


increased speed of execution

Digital and assisted buying journeys reducing lead times to acquire capability and implement projects.


maximise productivity with no downtime

Only pay for the work that you need once it has been completed, with no waste, idle time or fixed resources.


improved operational performance

A better alignment of suppliers to project requirements to radically improve service delivery outcomes.


100% impartial supplier selection

Unique algorithm-based selection of suppliers to support a fair and transparent evaluation process.

Work with us

We know that our culture is not just about offering chocolate boxes, coffee mornings and wine tasting. It is represented in our behaviours and our attitude to the way we make things happen in combination with the structures, processes and systems that surround us. We know that our values shape how we perform, and we are:

fresh thinkers

We always strive for service excellence on behalf of all of our stakeholders with independent and unbiased professionalism. We love to push ourselves to be better every day knowing that this is what stands us apart from our peers.

always inclusive

We cherish the diversity and unique contributions that our team can bring. We love to listen and communicate in an open and transparent way knowing that we are treating everyone as an equal.


We operate globally but know that there is huge value in thinking locally. We love to encourage smaller organisations to flourish through our support and actions knowing that we are giving them a chance to succeed.

embracing our passions

We are committed to attracting, developing and nurturing our shared and individual talents. We love to challenge and inspire through collective creativity and responsibility knowing that this will create a culture that is unique, builds trust and consistency.

promise keepers

We always act to impact by being ethically, morally and socially mindful. We love to be true to our word, say what we mean, take responsibility for our actions and know that by keeping our promises we will be trusted by all our stakeholders.

If you would like to be part of the team we would love to get to know you.

Who we are

Most businesses start with the premise that sourcing projects are often unnecessarily complicated, take too long, are too risky, too expensive and so are therefore too much trouble. We know that this just isn’t good enough and so set about challenging the need for complexity and taking away the hassle of sourcing. 

The team at tkg have extensive board and operational level international experience within the digital, customer experience, and outsourcing sectors. Our collective experience has shaped the development of our approach to make sourcing processes more accessible and relevant to both clients and suppliers.  

We work across public and private sectors delivering across a diverse range of programmes from the large-scale all the way through to micro-services. We will always allow our clients to use our platform to go their own way. When it isn’t so simple, our team are there to help form and support a partnership through our assisted and managed services.