How tkg developed, designed and delivered a contact centre service, under the COVID-19 vaccination programme in South Africa.

The brief.

Our client came to us for an end-to-end outsourcing solution. With the end result being a contact centre service that managed citizen enquiries and bookings under the COVID-19 vaccination programme across South Africa. 

The client was keen to use tkg to provide innovative solutions to outsourcing problems. They were confident with our experience from delivering comparable public sector services in other markets. The programme had, and continues to have high degrees of complexity, with a wide range of stakeholders addressing the needs of citizens across the country and at provincial levels.

Our services.

Within the programme, we were retained to: 

“The agility of our team, processes and eco-system allowed tkg to execute a government-compliant sourcing exercise from start to finish in seven working days, with the successful supplier being contracted and services going live within five days of award.” 

The programme has been managed successfully across six operational centres meeting all agreed quality standards and within the prescribed cost envelope. The programme also met all the social impact objectives, ensuring that the benefits of the programme will bring lasting benefits to the country beyond the conclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We continue to provide services to the client today.

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