From 0 to 12, 500 FTE; How tkg built and managed a complex eco-system to help UK government outsourcing.

government outsourcing

The brief.

Our client approached us to be a key partner to deliver an end-to-end outsourcing solution. The service had high levels of complexity and required scalability and flexibility on our part. With the success of our first project, we were engaged further to deliver multiple government contracts within a wider programme.

The client was impressed with tkg’s fresh thinking approach to finding solutions to government outsourcing problems. Our extensive experience of the sector and digital procurement platform enabled us to successfully build out an eco-system to meet growing demand, within weeks of being selected as their delivery partner.

Our services.

Within the programme, we were retained to: 

“We are immensely proud to have been engaged to support the delivery of a number of complex services, with the eco-system reaching at peak over 12,000 agents across 12 suppliers.” 

The programme was a resounding success, delivering operational efficiency and cost savings for our client. Our team of experts promoted a positive culture of partnership, and due to the wealth of their experience and professional approach, gained mutual respect and close collaboration across the eco-system.

We continue to work with the client to deliver similar public sector services today.

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