We are The Knowledge Group.

A talented team of experts using smart sourcing solutions to connect buyers and suppliers
to skilled procurement business partners. 
What we do


Highly experienced contracted experts.


Eco-system providers across the UK, Europe and Africa.


Years joint knowledge of the GBS sector at leadership level.


Quicker than traditional procurement methods.
Our mission.
“We exist to develop, build and enable lasting partnerships between businesses based on independent, trusted and effective decision making.”
– Spencer Brooks – CEO

Why work with tkg?

We’re easy to work with.

A single contracting entity capable of covering all sourcing activities without the bureaucracy.

We’re problem solvers.

A procurement business partner that co-creates solutions, using our market knowledge.

We’re fresh thinkers.

Our service and technical innovation is based on market- leading best practice and disruptive thinking.

We believe
in impact

As your fresh thinking procurement business partner, we allow you to gain talent advantage, while creating positive social and business impact. It’s a win-win.
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How we’re different from the traditional buying cycle.

buying cycle.

Broker fees

Advisory fees

Narrow list of suppliers 


Fixed contract period 

Slow – can take weeks

Lack of consistency

Our tkg
buying cycle.

No hidden fees

Lower cost

Whole list of suppliers 

No commission

More flexibility 

Digital platform – speeding up the process 

Subject-matter experts

We work to make change.

We are not brokers.

We are not brokers.

As your procurement business partner, it’s important for you to know that work is awarded based on merit, not commission or fees.
We use diverse suppliers.

We use diverse


We provide visibility and opportunities for smaller suppliers that don’t spend millions on marketing.
We create positive social impact.

We create positive

social impact.

Our service allows us to specifically target suppliers for buyers with sustainability or social impact dimensions that suit your own values.

Let’s source better together.

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