Key factors to consider before outsourcing offshore


With the need to drive cost savings and efficiencies, many organisations are considering turning to offshore outsourcing as a means to solve problems with their customer support and call centre operations, back-office functions and IT services’ needs. But what are the consequences you need to consider before taking these functions offshore and what really should you be mulling over before taking the plunge? In this article, we’ll aim to explore just that, and provide top tips on how to outsource effectively.


What is offshore outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing (commonly also known as “offshoring”) is a business practice where a company contracts out certain tasks, services, or processes to third-party service providers or suppliers located in foreign countries. This is often done to reduce labour costs, access specialised skills, or improve operational efficiency. It involves delegating work to offshore teams, typically in countries with lower labour costs and operational expenses, while the client company remains headquartered in its home country.

What to consider before outsourcing offshore?


Choosing a location

Choosing a supplier

Choosing what to outsource

Choosing how to outsource – onshore or offshore

There’s certainly a lot to consider before deciding whether offshore outsourcing is for you. While it can bring financial benefits, access to global talent and greater efficiencies, if not conducted properly, it can bring greater organisational risks and cultural challenges. It’s important to fully consider the current and future needs of your organisation, before deciding whether offshore outsourcing is the right strategy for your business.

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